Our purpose


One of the reasons we started this studio was to discover interesting ideas that have not yet appeared in the world, to gain sympathy from the public, and to provide new and unique products to consumers. So research is one of our core elements, and we have a belief that ideas that may be personal or meaningless can be sufficiently interesting and fresh products for someone.



We believe that the way to reward creativity is to make the most of it and create something. We believe that creativity gives us the power to be innovative, give us an optimistic perspective and be more mentally active. We believe that in a small attempt to appreciate creativity, we can break down the tacit laws of conventions, principles, stereotypes, and prejudices, and broaden these boundaries.



We live and share many cultures. And we think fashion is also a product of culture. What people consume becomes a trend, and some trends can create a culture. Therefore, we believe that our small initiatives can influence the culture, so our goal is to feel cultural responsibility as a member of the culture and make a product that can positively influence it.